Houston Jacob Home Inspection offers cost-effective and reliable thermal imaging inspection in Houston, TX. Our service is a critical due diligence measure for real estate transactions. A pre-purchase infrared imaging inspection can provide useful information to various parties to a real estates deal, such as attorneys, property owners, buyers, and lenders. We utilize cutting-edge infrared imaging technology to observe faults that the naked eye cannot detect. We present a detailed formal report of the physical condition of systems, pipes, and wiring, featuring digital images and thermal videos.

Through thermal imaging inspections, we (Houston Home Inspection) can detect faults in water systems and piping, insulation deficiencies, and systems exposed to energy loss. The report we produce will inform you so that you can make educated choices about the condition of the subject property. Our effective thermal scans can observe walls and ceilings and verify the condition of energy insulation. The technology will detect insulation that is damaged, wet, settled, or missing. As an added benefit, these can also reveal points in walls through which cold air is coming.

With energy accounting for a big portion of monthly household expenses, the need to carry out an accurate energy-efficiency home inspection cannot be overemphasized. Thermal imaging inspection is one of the most reliable ways to determine the energy-efficiency of a home, whether for a new home purchase, cost evaluations, or pre-renovation purposes.

Thermographic inspection can also detect plumbing leaks, concealed roofing leaks, electrical defects that may cause a fire, overloaded circuitry, and faulty circuit breakers.
We are reputable and trustworthy and can customize home inspections to meet your requirements for scope and budget. Liaise with our thermal imaging inspection experts at Houston Jacob Home Inspection for a detailed report on those difficult-to-detect structural and insulation flaws.

Thermal Imaging can be an important tool to locate structural and energy issue that the eyes cannot detect. Make certain that you select a Houston inspector that has been trained on Infrared Imaging equipment and that they are Thermal Imaging certified home inspector.


Infrared Technology

Buyers Home Inspection Services uses Infrared Thermal Imaging (IR) on all home inspections performed in Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, Katy, and the surrounding areas. With the IR we have see defects that are not visible or readily visible to the unaided eye. Water penetration, missing insulation, overheating breakers, plumbing leaks are all problems that allow a qualified operator to make educated interpretations of what may be occurring.





Thermal Imaging indicated missing insulation was observed at the vertical wall, accessible in the attic, and also at an exterior vertical wall, not accessible from the attic.





Thermal Imaging indicated overheating was observed at a breaker wire at the Federal Pacific Panel. The outside temperature was 49 degrees, so the temperature rise was 88 degrees. The immediate repair was called for in the home inspection report.

I employ a variety of tools during inspections to give you objective data. When technology is combined with knowledge, you can be confident of a thorough inspection and detailed report.

Water  Penetration

If infrared or visual indicators warranty further evaluation I employee a non-destructive moisture meter (Tramex –Moisture Encounter Plus). Placed against a wall, trim etc., this unit registers percentage of moisture content from 4% up to 50% or greater, in one-degree increments. Moisture levels between 5 to 14% are normal, higher readings may indicate a leak or excessive moisture. A destructive type of moisture meter (small pins) is also available for use with the current owner’s permission.


A home inspection is only as good as the inspector. That’s why the Houston Jacob Home inspection has the latest technology, most experienced and trained home inspectors in Houston Texas Whether you’re a homebuyer, seller, or homeowner, we’ll provide you with a detailed description of a home’s condition so you can move forward confidently and with peace of mind.

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