certified-master-inspector-first-time-home-buyer-friendly (1)
certified-master-inspector-first-time-home-buyer-friendly (1)

We are here to help a first time home buyer at Houston, TX.

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Plumbing vent flashing indented
Plumbing vent flashing indented

Your roof covered with your home inspection service in Houston, Texas (nearby me)

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Old Furnace
Old Furnace

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certified-master-inspector-first-time-home-buyer-friendly (1)
certified-master-inspector-first-time-home-buyer-friendly (1)

We are here to help a first time home buyer at Houston, TX.

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Detail Houston Home Inspections from Cypress to Houston Texas

Are you anxious about making that multi-thousand-dollar investment? When it comes to looking out for your investment, here are 6 reasons why we feel you should choose Houston Jacob Home Inspections, LLC to conduct your whole house inspection in Houston Texas inspector near you.


High Quality Professional Service!

We deliberately limit ourselves to 2 inspections per day to provide a quality service for every inspection we perform. To quote Howard Newton: "People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it." The result is that we perform a thorough full house inspection with a quality report delivered to you usually by within 24 hours.


We're independent

Houston Jacob Home Inspection work for you alone.

Our inspection service gives you the straight facts about the

condition of the home you are about to purchase or are in the process of selling. We comply with the Texas TREC SOP. This SOP prohibits a home inspector, or a company that employs the inspector, from performing repairs on a structure for 12 months after inspection. A home inspection service is not a preface for a repair bid or contract. There is no hidden agenda here. Our job is simply to inform you on the condition of the home you are buying or selling so that you can make an informed decision.


Beyond the Home Inspection!

We have Repair Pricer and a limited 120-day warranty available. This includes coverage for cracked heat exchangers - an item that is not very visible to us (if at all) but can be a significant expense to replace! Or Repair Pricer provides an estimate for every deficiency we call out in our report - saving you time and money by not having to arrange for several contractors to come out.


To Protect your INVESTMENT

As hinted earlier, when to hire home inspectors, you ensure the security and the safety of the home you are buying. Not only does it save you from making too many repairs after you move in, it also ensures that you step into a property that is actually safe to live in. Besides, buying a home in Houston, Texas is a huge investment, and you should be all the more particular about the details.


We write good reports

Houston Jacob Home Inspections LLC. reports were designed by a realtor and our comments are intentionally written in plain language that is easy to understand and well-organized with color photos added, not to mention detailed and thorough. They are specific to your house and/or type of construction, not some generic pre-printed checklist.


We’re patient, thorough and detailed

In order for you to benefit the most from this service we encourage you to be present at the end of the inspection for a verbal summary and tour. We will take the time to show you the important components and main areas of concern with the building you are planning on buying or selling.

When you’re ready to make a Big-Life-Changing decision about the purchase (buy) or sale of your home, you need a certified Master Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC Inspector to advocate for your best interests! 

Fast Report Turnaround Time Ready in 24 hours or less. We know how valuable your home inspection period is that’s why we provide our home inspection reports within 24 hours or less.

Purchasing a home or commercial space is a large financial commitment. Our goal is to educate you with a thorough understanding of the property condition so you can make a confident decision. Contact us at 281-748-0566 to schedule an inspection in Harris County, Katy and the surrounding areas of Houston or to learn more about us.

“We Performed Detailed Home Inspection According to the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) Home Inspection Standards of Practice

Texas TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) # 21196

TPCL (Texas Pest Control License) Bus. 0885084

TPCL CA (Certified Applicator) 0877698

NACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspector) 14082210


New Construction Inspection.JPG




Plumbing leak

Your home inspector is an INTERNACHI certified plumbing inspector. Hire Houston Jacob Home Inspection LLC. for your home inspection.

Plumbing Inspection


The electrical inspection is one of the major components of a home inspection checklist.

Electrical Inspection


Foundation Inspection, a major component of the Home Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Concrete Architecture

Thank you for visiting. Stay a while. You are in GOOD HANDS.

Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC Services has been standing out in a CROWD since 2014 in Houston, TX.

Your scheduled home inspection will have a Certified Master Inspector® on site.


The prestigious title of professional Certified Master Inspector® means your Inspector, 
Has completed:

  • Completed at least 1,000 fee - paid inspections and/or hours of training and education combined

  • Is vetted and have agreed ongoing periodic background checks

  • Has been in business more than 3 years

  • Adheres to a strict Code of Ethics

  • Is the best of the best​​

​​You worked hard to get here. You put forth your best effort.


​You deserve the best in return. Listen to some of our satisfied clients.

Your Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC Services Generalist Home Inspection report will:

  • Include a Buy Back Guarantee.

  • Be computer-generated report with digital photos

  • Be written in a neutral, non-scary manner

  • Be impartial and accurate

  • Be detailed enough to equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision in Houston, Texas – to buy or not to buy...



​Who doesn't want to negotiate from a position of knowledge and power?

​You can choose from a full list of services:

  • Buyer - Save yourself from buying the money pit

  • Seller - Gain a negotiating edge

  • Owner - Fix potential problems early to sell faster

  • Renter - Protect yourself from unscrupulous landlords

  • Insurer - Identify possible discounts

  • Lender - Document the validity of a loan​

You are welcome to call us with any questions or concerns.


Jacob Cho, CMI shares valuable: How to Find a Good Inspector in Houston, TX

Your real estate agent will probably be able to recommend a home inspector.

If you’d rather choose your own, be aware that you want an inspector with plenty of experience. Check out the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, www.InterNACHI.org, for more information on selecting an inspector.
Home inspection fees vary but are usually well under $1,000. Considering how much an inspection can save you by avoiding potential disasters, it’s money well spent.

If you’re ready to start house hunting, don’t go at it alone.

You deserve the high quality report and attention to detail your Certified Master Inspector® will provide.

Choose Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC Services
"When Experience Matters"



​A Pre-purchase Inspection is a comprehensive Generalist/Standard Home Inspection. 

Are you one of those lucky people that has money to burn?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Nobody wants to buy the money pit. Protect yourself.

Schedule a Pre-purchase Inspection before you close on your home. Pre-purchase inspections are important because they
protect YOU, the buyer. It lets you know what needs repair and if the home is safe before you make your final decision.

You can't pass or fail. All of the upside is to benefit YOU. The buyer. You will save money, know safety concerns in advance, and have a negotiating edge.

Pre-purchase Inspections are not appraisals. Those protect the bank by evaluating how much money the property is worth. 

Visit our Standards of Practice - What we Inspect page.


Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.  This is no time to shop for a cheap home inspection. 

The cost of a home inspection is small relative to the value of the home being inspected in Houston, TX.  The cost of hiring a Certified Master Inspector is almost insignificant by comparison. 


The Master certified Home Inspection company serving Katy, Cypress, Pearland, Sugar Land, the Houston area, and more.

Schedule Your home Inspection Today You can count on Houston Jacob Home Inspection to provide you with the best home inspection service


Consumer Protection Notice (Form ID: CN 1-3)

Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards or Deficiencies (Form ID: OP-I)


If you have any questions, please call 281-748-0566

Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC

Call or Text at (281) 748-0566

We serving anywhere around the Houston, TX area.

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