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New construction home inspection by Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC in Houston, TX. Is it quality you are after and not excuses or are you wary of becoming one of the many horror stories that we’ve all heard about, one of the many individuals who are disappointed with the quality of their new home, then further frustrated as they make an all-out effort to get their builders back to rectify their defects?

New requirements have been added in the new construction industry and some builders “cut corners” in Houston, TX. The minimum thermal insulation required in Texas is at least R-30. We recommend testing all new homes for Radon gas prior to closing.

Would you know if you were getting the 1st-grade quality and finishes that you are expecting, entitled to and even more importantly, paying for? Would you know if you weren’t?

Would you know if your new home was being constructed in line with the requirements of the housing regulations?

As a consumer, you couldn’t reasonably be expected to be familiar with all of these documents and regulations, but more importantly, is your builder and their supervisors up to speed with them?

Enlist the services of new construction home inspection to be the final independent judge on the quality and finishes being constructed into your new home in Houston, TX.


Houston Jacob Home Inspection is Houston’s only truly independent home inspection service that works for you, the new homeowner. We are not associated with any councils, government or semi-government bodies, nor do we represent the interests of builders, developers, architects or real estate agents. We are totally independent and we work for YOU.


The best part is that we allow an appropriate amount of time to fully inspect your new home and to offer you a detailed written report, which you can hand straight to your builder and have them fix the defects we’ve found, at their cost – not yours! This would normally be conducted prior to you making your progress or final payments when you still have their full attention.

This has the potential of saving you thousands of dollars in future finishing, rectification and/or unnecessary landscaping costs after your builder’s contractual obligations have expired.

What is a Homebuyer Report?

A home buyer report (or home buyer survey and valuation report/HSV) is a concise report on the condition of a property, together with a valuation in the new construction home inspection. In addition to a mortgage valuation, it includes the current open market value and an opinion of how saleable the property will be in the future. Any major defects in the property will be listed, along with recommendations about further investigations required.

The property will be inspected only where it’s reasonably accessible or visible and no test is made of the plumbing, heating, electrical or drainage systems (etc.).

It’s recommended for conventional houses and apartments that appear to be in a reasonable condition. A home buyer report isn’t usually considered adequate for large houses over say 2,000ft2 (around 200m2), old properties (say pre-1940), and converted or purpose-built apartments.

Bear in mind that a home buyer report isn’t much cheaper than a full structural survey and therefore unless you have a good reason not to, you should consider having a full structural survey.

If you combine a homebuyer report with a lender’s valuation, which is refunded by your lender, you only pay the difference between the cost of the valuation and the homebuyer report. The cost of a home buyer report varies depending on the value, age, and condition of a property.

Warning: Before you buy a new house-know this

We have many great home builders in Texas. Most try very hard to give the best possible house for your money. But, did you know that builders here do not need a license? Inspectors, Realtors, Plumbers, Electricians, Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians, and Pest Control Technicians all need to be licensed by the State of Texas. But, not builders.


Builders do not need a license in Texas !!!!  They do need to register, but they are not regulated in any meaningful way. There are almost no requirements to call yourself a "Builder".


You must ALWAYS exercise"due diligence" before you buy a new house, or any house from ANY builder. The following check list is offered to help get you started. It is not complete, but only a beginning guideline.


          How to find a good Home Builder in The Greater Houston Area:

       Its a great organization and may be able to help you determine the qualifications          of a given builder as well as their history and education.

  • Do an inquiry on Google with the builder as the subject. You may be able to get much information from past buyers or building organizations.

  • Visit previous buyers in the subdivision in which you are interested to learn of their experiences with the builder. Just go down the street knocking on doors. You may be surprised at what you'll learn, and the money you may save.

  • Ask the builder: 


 1) If they will allow your own licensed inspector to inspect the house in phases as well as a final inspection. See what their attitude is. Good builders usually welcome outside inspectors as a help for them to discover errors or honest mistakes that they might miss. Some builders will try to throw up obstacles to outside inspection. If a builder tells you that they have their own inspectors and therefore you don't need your own inspection, you had better be very careful.  

 2) If they will show the building plans to your inspector. If they don't, why not? What do they have to hide? An inspector on a construction phase inspection will need those plans and schedules to the check that measurement are correct and that the proper materials have been used. 

 3) If they belong to the BBB   

 4) If they belong to the Greater Houston Builder's Association.

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New Construction Home Inspection in Houston, TX

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