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Water heater inspection


Your home inspector is an INTERNACHI certified plumbing inspector. Hire Houston Jacob Home Inspection, LLC. for your home inspection in Houston, TX.

The home inspector shall observe: Interior water supply and distribution system, including: piping materials, supports, and insulation; fixtures and faucets; functional flow; leaks; and cross connections; Interior drain, waste, and vent system, including: traps; drain, waste, and vent piping; piping supports and pipe insulation; leaks; and functional drainage; Hot water systems including: water heating equipment; normal operating controls; automatic safety controls; and chimneys, flues, and vents; Fuel storage and distribution systems including: interior fuel storage equipment, supply piping, venting, and supports; leaks; and Sump pumps. The home inspector in Houston, TX shall describe: Water supply and distribution piping materials; Drain, waste, and vent piping materials; Water heating equipment; and Location of main water supply shutoff device. The home inspector shall operate all plumbing fixtures, including their faucets and all exterior faucets attached to the house, except where the flow end of the faucet is connected to an appliance. The home inspector IS NOT required to: State the effectiveness of anti-siphon devices; Determine whether water supply and waste disposal systems are public or private; Operate automatic safety controls; Operate any valve except water closet flush valves, fixture faucets, and hose faucets; Observe: Water conditioning systems; Fire and lawn sprinkler systems; On-site water supply quantity and quality; On-site waste disposal systems; Foundation irrigation systems; Spas, except as to functional flow and functional drainage; Swimming pools; Solar water heating equipment; or Observe the system for proper sizing, design, or use of proper materials.


A plumbing inspection is performed in the Home Inspection process. We do not perform plumbing inspections outside scope of home inspection. We recommend a licensed plumber for plumbing inspections or “plumbing by code inspections” in Houston, TX

The plumbing in the home will inspected and reported on with the above information. While the inspector makes every effort to find all areas of concern, some areas can go unnoticed. Washing machine drain line for example cannot be checked for leaks or the ability to handle the volume during drain cycle. Older homes with galvanized supply lines or cast iron drain lines can be obstructed and barely working during an inspection but then fails under heavy use. If the water is turned off or not used for periods of time (like a vacant home waiting for closing) rust or deposits within the pipes can further clog the piping system. Please be aware that the inspector has your best interest in mind. Any repair items mentioned in the home inspection report should be considered before purchase. It is recommended that a qualified contractor or licensed plumber should be used in your further inspection or repair issues as it relates to the comments in the home inspection report.

The home’s water supply should be in working order when it comes to examining the plumbing system a home. Further see that it is equipped with well water, find out if there are any lead pipes in the home. Lead regardless of its usability is an environmental toxin and if you have children, you may not want to live in a home that has lead pipes.

Find out the kind of sewage system the home has, whether waste goes to a municipal sewer system, or if there is a septic tank installed. Search for the installed septic tank on the property, how much the tank holds, and where the lines to the septic tank are located. Septic tanks can be extremely costly and may cost thousands of dollars to substitute or repair in Houston, TX.

Make sure the kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets are not leaking or drips and check underneath sinks to check for leaking pipes. Cooper pipes versus Galvanized pipes installed in the house makes a big difference when you are purchasing a house in Houston, TX.

Addressing problems before the sale is of utmost importance. It is significant that you deal with any all tribulations that you find in the home’s plumbing system before making an offer.

At the same time as many homes come with a home warranty that will cover up an assortment of systems inside the home for a specific period of time but still you can be out of pocket if the plumbing system is in Houston, Texas state.

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